For Schools
When working with schools I can provide annual contracts, or one off assessments. Please contact us to discuss your school’s needs and pricing.

If there are concerns about a pupil’s learning or development an assessment can be conducted to clarify whether the pupil has additional needs, and to inform recommendations for support. Assessments are planned according to individual needs, and are agreed in advance with the school’s SENDCo. Assessments will usually consist of:

  • Gathering written background information from parents and school staff
  • Carrying out an in-class observation (when appropriate)
  • In depth one to one assessment of strengths and barrier to learning
  • A joint consultation with parents and school staff to discuss assessment outcomes and plan future support
  • A full written report

For students causing concern, but where in depth assessment is not required, a consultation can be held between the EP, a member of staff and, where applicable, parents. The aim of aconsultation is to gather further information, generate a shared understanding of the concern and plan next steps. Consultation can focus on an individual student, a group of
students, or a general issue. An observation is often carried out by the EP prior to the consultation, and a written consultation record is provided following the consultation.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (Individual or Group)

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is an evidence based therapeutic approach which has been shown to be effective in supporting pupils’ emotional well-being and addressing difficulties such as anxiety and low mood. CBT interventions can be delivered to individuals, or to groups of pupils. A CBT intervention is typically delivered through weekly sessions lasting up to one hour each. The length of a CBT intervention varies according to student need but typically last for 8 sessions.

Staff Training

Training for members of teaching staff or support staff can be provided on a topic of your choice to fit with school development priorities and can be provided in a workshop format, or as a lecture style session depending on the number of attendees. Training sessions that have been delivered recently include ‘Working Memory in the Classroom’ and ‘Supporting Anxious Pupils’. The content of the session will be discussed in advance to ensure that it meets the development needs of those attending. Training sessions can be provided to a number of schools willing to collaborate together; the cost remains the same irrespective of the number of attendees. Time required will be negotiated.